City Parrot Rescue Game

City Parrot Rescue

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The people love the City Parrot so much. This parrot is the best pet that you could ever think of. This parrot appeared in the city many years ago. And since then, the people in the city took good care of this parrot. But one day, a tourist talked to this parrot but it said nothing good. The man was not happy with what happened so he took the parrot away from the city. Now, the whole city is so sad because no one knows where the parrot is. Everyone worries and some people were even sick thinking of this poor parrot. The whole city loves the parrot indeed.

As a citizen, you have to do your part and help the people to find the parrot. This parrot might be somewhere in the city so you have to think of a place where the parrot could possibly be. There are clues around the town that can help you to locate it. You just have to be alert and focused. Roam around the city and rescue the parrot. City Parrot Rescue is the newest outdoor escape game from Escape Games Today that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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