Underground City Escape Game

Underground City Escape

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In a fantasy world, there is an underground city and many creatures are living in that city. Good creatures like the dwarves, elves, gentle giants and fairies like you. But not all who lived in the underground city are nice. There are also bad creatures like ogres, monsters, and witches. They are not contented with what they have. You are living peacefully and they went down to conquer your land. But your troop won't give up without a fight! You fought the duel but you are not ready and the bad guys outnumbered you. They caught you and made you as their prisoner. You can't use your powers because your cell sucks up your energy. They are now celebrating your victory and this is a good chance for you to escape. You are the leader of the team so you have to escape to release all the other good guys.

Secretly collect items and make an escape tool. The team left some clues that can help you out. You shall not let the bad reign! Do your best to complete this room escape game. Underground City Escape is a brand new exciting room escape game developed by Eight Games. Enjoy!

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