Deserted House Escape 2 Game

Deserted House Escape 2

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You're tired of playing it safe. You want to experience something thrilling and unfamiliar. So you look around for deserted houses. You know there are tons of stories behind these houses. And you'll be able to uncover them just by going through their stuffs. You have to make sure that no one else owns the property or you'll be in big trouble. As you walk along unfamiliar roads in your area, you see this old house. It seems deserted. Then again, you have this feeling of someone staring at you through the windows. For the first few moments you want to back out. But then you remember why you're here in the first place. So you continue to walk down the broken pathways. There are movements around you but you're thinking they are just little creatures curious about the stranger. Then you touch the door knob.

However, even before you touch the knob, it turns and opens the door. You laugh a little as you think of how advanced this house must be. A sensor must be set up to give the place a creepy feel. But your focus is to put together the story of this place. So you continue to move around the place until you lost your way out. Play Deserted House Escape 2 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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