Abandoned Murder House Escape Game

Abandoned Murder House Escape

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Detective stories were like your textbooks back in high school. Actually, you read more stories than you read your textbooks. Fortunately, you still get a couple of answers right during quiz without reading much. For you, there's something so limiting in reading your textbooks. However, when you read stories, there's a whole new world out there to discover. Your interest fell on detective stories because there was once a time you wanted to be a spy. Spies are such wonderful creatures. You need to know how detectives do their jobs so you'll know what to be careful of. And these stories helped a lot. Then again, you haven't found any spy agency for a long time. The obvious reason might be because they don't want to be discovered. So instead, you move into becoming a detective. Many people started seeking for your service because of your ways of solving cases.

They're not the usual investigation. You've read a lot of books that you're able to combine their techniques and make one of your own. You're now facing a murder. This is one of those cases you don't want to take. But since you're already here, there's no escaping it. But somebody wants you out of this case for good. Play Abandoned Murder House Escape room escape game by Avm Games and find your freedom to close the case.

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