Desert Mountain Cabin Escape Game

Desert Mountain Cabin Escape

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For the longest time, you only thought of the desert as sand collected in one place. Although of course there's a more scientific description of a desert. Still it's the easiest you can say about the desert. Also, you thought that the desert is just for visiting and not for staying for a long time. You can't imagine yourself staying in one of those make-shift houses. They can't really shield you from the intense heat and wind in the desert. There are also a lot of creepy crawlies that you don't want to meet. But fate has a funny way of changing your thoughts. You are a writer in a travel magazine and your banner states that you're always ready for adventure. Your higher ups totally adhere to this and so they send their writers to many adventures. Your adventure for this project falls on the desert.

However, instead of feeling so depressed, you feel ecstatic. The desert you're in has a mountain cabin. Not only that, it is also fully equipped with almost everything you would be needing in your stay. It makes staying in the desert a whole lot more comfortable. You found your way in. Can you find your way out as well? Desert Mountain Cabin Escape is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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