Abandoned Strange House Escape

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There is this big old house near the town which looked fantastic, well at least in its glory days before for now it looks shambling and ruined. Nobody lives there anymore and the place have been neglected, still it is a curious house to visit for the place is like a maze in there and it has rooms which some are still even locked. One of the kids who finds the place interesting was Doug, and that day he will be going there for today’s adventure.

Doug doesn’t know what he’ll find in there, maybe he’ll find something interesting, like a special item long forgotten or whatever. Little did he know he’ll indeed find something there, but it’s not really a good thing unfortunately, for he found-out that he is trapped in the place now! Doug have no idea how he got trapped in there, but he speculates there is somebody here for the doors he went through a few moments ago are now locked and he knows those things would not close on their own. Okay this is now a bad situation and it’s one that Doug doesn’t want to sit and watch what will happen next. Escape players, imagine you are Doug here, will you be able to escape the house before something else happens which will make the scenario even worst?

Abandoned Strange House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Abandoned Strange House Escape

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