Zebra Forest Escape

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This nature reserve is mostly for zebras, but even then there are other African animals in the place. As a person who just got the job there, Joan is going to do her daily tasks now and that is to check the zebras of their welfare. After a few hours, Joan was able to accomplish that and all was well. Everything, except her though.

Joan is now lost in the land there and she really thought she was familiar with where she was, but that’s not the case unfortunately for she fears that she might take a wrong path and that might lead her to the far reaches of the reserve. Escape players, this is Joan’s first day here and this already happened, want to help her then so she can go back to base?

Zebra Forest Escape is another new point-and-click outdoors escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Zebra Forest Escape

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