Wooden Living Room Escape Game

Wooden Living Room Escape

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Wooden Living Room Escape is escaping game from Games 2 Jolly. Imagine you had just moved into a new house and you could not afford to buy all of the electronic devices because you run out of money seriously. One day you finally got your salary and were ready to buy a new television. Suddenly you got the idea that your brother had a broken one in the cellar of his house. It could reduce the cost of the new one in the shop if the customer carry it to the market during the purchase as an exchange. You set out to his house but suddenly you realized they were abroad at this time. You called him on phone and he allowed you to take it from the basement. You  managed to find it amongst the old furnitures and objects relatively easy and you were ready to leave his house. Reaching the entrance and turning down the latch you faced something odd. The door was locked however you hadn't locked it coming inside. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape. Have fun!



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