Winter Olympics Medal Rescue Game

Winter Olympics Medal Rescue

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You were a photographer for the Winter Olympics. One of your assignments was to take a photo of the medals. This was the first time you got so involved in the Olympics. So you went to the organizer to ask for permission. He was a bit hesitant to let you photograph the medals. However, after reading your ID, he agreed. When you entered the room, the organizer's eyes grew so wide. You were just stopping yourself from taking a photo of him. But your eyes were as big as his when you realized that the medals were all missing. The organizer turned to you and there was blame in his eyes. You tried to defend yourself but the organizer was already throwing darts at you with his gaze. Then he asked you to go and find the medals.

You wouldn't be able to resume your work until you do so. He sent you out to the forest where the culprits may have passed. And he held out the key in front of you. Only after you have found the medals would you be able to leave. So be quick in finding it to not miss any event. Play Winter Olympics Medal Rescue outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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