Ways Of Adventure

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Darren’s friend Angela finally needs his help, they are both great treasure hunters and are quite experts in their field. But that day Angela needs his help on something and she warned him that it’s quite a tough puzzle. It’s so unlike her to ask help from him, for she is often prideful and would do stuff on her own. This could be something very difficult here, but Darren is ready though and he is also curious of what this is, so he accepted.

Angela’s problem was about this treasure which had eluded her for quite some time now, according to her it would seem that such a loot would teleport from point to point! She could not believe it herself as well, but that is the only way she can understand what is happening. Okay Darren is not believing this at all, but it could be true for Angela here is also a skeptic of the paranormal, and to make her believe in such then this could be really something. Escape players, you will now be Darren here and you will answer Angela’s plea of helping her on the search for this impossible treasure which just keeps getting away from her. Will you be able to find that treasure finally now that there are two great heads than one?

Ways Of Adventure is the newest point and click retrieval adventure escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Ways Of Adventure

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