Warehouse Room Rescue Game

Warehouse Room Rescue

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Christopher just arrived at the warehouse and he was confused why he found the place empty. Not empty of items, but empty of personnel which was suppose to be there working, well at the time at least one of them was suppose to be there and that personnel should the newbie technician which he hired. Did he slack-off on the first few days of his work? Christopher searched for anybody then and he even searched the basement for any of his men, but nobody was there. Things changed however when Christopher called for anybody in the room and it was that moment he heard the voice of his new technician!

The kid was actually trapped in a room there which Christopher did not check! It was that same room which had been trapping personnel in and Christopher forgot to tell the newbie about the said room. Now he is trapped in there and of course as always, Christopher will help him and maybe this time that day, he is going to fix that room once and for all. Escape players, first Christopher must get the kid out of the room, will you help him out and quickly?

Warehouse Room Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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