Seraglio Villa Escape Game

Seraglio Villa Escape

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The Seraglio villa was once a place livable for women in the Ottoman empire, it is even luxurious before but now it just stands there abandoned and because it is also located quite far from any civilization, the earth is starting to retake it year after year. Even then the place serves as a landmark for hunters in the forest, and sometimes there are even traps near it. That day, Joseph went to the place for he also set some animal traps there amongst the vintage and broken random stuff. Lucky for him he caught something, but well unlucky for him he caught something quite rare in the area and must not be hunted.

Joseph caught a buck, but it is one of those slowly declining ones which had been listed as a non-game animal! What shall he do then? Joseph needed meat but he has concerns for nature too, eventually upon his long pondering, he decided he'll just get the next one in for all he knows, nature might reward him with something grand for his good deed. Well then escape players, Joseph is going to free the buck he caught and he needs to do this carefully, for the deer can thrash and the worst to happen after that is both of them getting injured. Will you help Joseph here and quickly too so he can set his trap again for a viable catch?

Seraglio Villa Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Ekey Games.

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