Warehouse Escape Game

Warehouse Escape

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Your friends saw you as someone whom they shouldn't mess with. So they were always kind and gentle towards you. However, they couldn't stop wondering how you would react to certain situations. They tried messing with you once using a fake spider. Spiders totally freak you out with their long legs. But you could easily tell it was a fake one as your friends couldn't bear holding a spider as well. That plan failed and they were discouraged to try something new. Then again, that was a few years ago already. So they decided to try and prank you once more. The rest of the group worked on a warehouse while you work at the office. You rarely get to see them there except on special occasions when the management asks you. But this time, it was them who invited you and you found it hard to say no.

So you went down from your office to see them there. However, when you arrived, the warehouse was empty. You called out to your friend but no one was answering you. Then you thought it must be another prank. You approached the door to leave but it won't budge. Play Warehouse Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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