Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 1 Game

Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 1

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Your company has the coolest warehouse ever just because it is blue. You love to stay in the warehouse even though you don't have a business in there. Simply because blue is your favorite color and if you could only put your desk in the warehouse, you would. Your boss asked you to get something from the warehouse and you love to do the errand. However, whenever you are there, you can't help it but stay for a while. The color relaxes you so much to the point that you feel asleep inside the warehouse. An hour has passed when you woke up then you realized about your boss' errand. He can fire you because of this so you have to be quick and find the object that you need to collect.

But the bigger problem is, the door won't open. So you must find objects that you can use to open the door. Your boss waited long enough so you have to hurry up. This is not healthy for your career so you must escape as fast as you can. Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 1 is the newest room escape game from Mouse City by Hidden Key Games. Good luck!


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