In the Vintage Safes House Escape game, the captain's quarters lookes pretty old school.

Vintage Safes House Escape

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We are currently on an infiltration mission to capture the enemy ship. Though we are not equal in numbers, we are specially trained to take down the enemy in full force.  The admiral finally left in a hurry and forgot to destroy the evidence and empty the safes. This was exactly the goal of the ambush, to retrieve everything we can use against them. Futhermore, this ship with its complicated technology is ours. We’ll chase them down while you go inside and hijack the systems, but hurry up because they will surely send reinforcement. There are only a few of them remaining. Good luck agent! We’ll meet you at the military camp in Bratislava if everything goes as planned.

Vintage Safes House Escape is point and click room escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore the house and find the safes. Unlock all of them in order to open the exit door!


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Walkthrough video for Vintage Safes House Escape

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8 years ago

There are only 6 red butterflies.
Hopefully this saves you a bit of time searching for four nonexistant ones!

8 years ago

Thanks for fixing it!