Pirate Ship Adventure Escape Game

Pirate Ship Adventure Escape

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You like to imagine things and your favorite thing to imagine is being a pirate. But now that you are older, you want to step up your adventure game. Because of this, you went to the old pirate ship on the shore. This ship is abandoned a long time ago so you can freely go inside it. There are lots of people who visited the place over the generation but none of them really discovered something good. You know that pirates are wise and you are quite sure that there is something special in this ship. After you gathered clues that can help you to find the treasure box, it finally showed up. However, the door automatically locked when you held the box. You found the object that the pirates try to hide for a long time but you are trapped inside.

Those pirates may be wise but you are wiser. Clues helped you to find the treasure chest and those clues can also help you to escape from the Pirate Ship. This Pirate Ship Adventure is the greatest adventure that you had in your life. Play Pirate Ship Adventure Escape room escape game from Games 2 Rule and use your logic to escape. Good luck!

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