Viking Village Game

Viking Village

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You weren't aware that touching some things can transport you to different places. You were just looking at the old stuffs of your relatives. Most of the people around you were telling you stories of how great your ancestors were. However, there were also some who told you stories of how your ancestors were just cowards. You don't know who to believe. You were raised somewhere else and only got to know about your past through a book. People around you helped in your search for your past. You felt like you can't move forward unless you knew where you came from. Your school librarian heard of the stories of your ancestors. And when she knew you were looking for them, she gave you a book. You read the book and discovered a whole lot more about your past. And that's when you started your journey.

So now you're here magically. You don't know anyone but you're trying your best to reconnect with them. However, you're not even sure if you're in the past or present. But all you know is that there are some people who don't want you here. And as much as you want to find out more about your past, you simply have to escape first. Play Viking Village outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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