Devil Village Game

Devil Village

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You look back at your memories and try to remember the day you heard devil and jar together. You know you've heard it before. Goosebumps even appeared on your skin as you think of the devil's spirit that day. Will he look like Voldemort or the Obscurious? As you think of this, your foot bumps something on the ground. You're now inside a garden where a house was once present. A very strong typhoon hit the place and the structure was ruined. So the owners decided to use the place as a village-inspired garden instead. You look at the stuff near your foot. It looks like a part of a very big vase or something. As you attempt to dig at the sides a little, the gardener hurried over to stop you. In your surprise, you put your weight on the jar and it cracks.

Then winds blow violently and you tumble on the ground. Upon getting up, the gardener shakes you hard. He's asking you so much questions and blaming you at the same time. Then you remember the day your teacher told you of the spirit inside the jar. He even warned you not to look inside it. This must be the jar that day. And this is the place where it happened. So play Devil Village outdoor escape game by Mirchigames and get the spirit back inside the jar.

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