Valentine Cupid House Game

Valentine Cupid House

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You really wanted someone to love this Valentine's Day. However, your friends told you not to get into a relationship just for the sake of getting into one. But you are adamant so you found  where cupid lives and went to his house. Cupid is always the go-to person when it comes to love. However, shooting an arrow comes with a price. If the person you want falls in love with you, you cannot request to make that person fall out of love for you. This is the price that you're sure you can pay.

However, you found out that he's not home so you took his bow and quiver of arrows yourself. Unfortunately, he just came home and found you red-handed Now you have to find a way to escape from cupid's house so explore each room and search for 10 pieces of code to unlock the door. Good luck and have fun!


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