Small Cupid Escape

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This village where Lee lives never ceases to fascinate, there are weird things happening in the place and of course all of it are not easily explained. One of the things that have gone way passed Lee’s understanding here was the thing he found one day inside a part of his house there which was locked always. Random valuable tools are being kept there and that’s why it is locked. Lee was trying to get something in there and that’s when he found this thing.

Lee saw what looks like an angel! It looks like a cupid to be exact, it was trying its best to get out of the storage room and it looks agitated now. Lee was definitely taken aback, for it has a bow and it might shoot at him. Okay, Lee is going to go find the key to the door there and free this being. He will definitely do this delicately for as it looks, this cupid here seems to be easily startled. Escape players, come and help Lee here free this cupid, do this carefully now so that everything will just be calm.

Small Cupid Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Small Cupid Escape

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