Vacation Tropical Beach Escape Game

Vacation Tropical Beach Escape

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Jay went to the beach that day and he picked the one that was recommended to him and that place was quite luxurious. That resort Jay went into had everything, a mini-bar, good accommodation, white sandy beach, a floating bar, a small park where kids can play, and just about anything one can think of. One day in his week-long stay however, Jay somehow noticed something and that is the resort becoming quite silent, people are nowhere to be found now not even the staff! It was then Jay thought something might be wrong here and he needs to get some answers why the place turned from a lively one a few days ago, to suddenly just deserted.

Jay absolutely cannot find anybody in the place and it is getting real as he is seeing it, but he must not let that get to him even though he is already thinking about the beach somehow had an emergency evacuation and he was left there not knowing what ever happened. Escape players, want to join Jay here on this beach escape adventure? Ready yourselves then and be quick.

Vacation Tropical Beach Escape is another new point and click beach escape game made by WoW Escape.

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