Vacation Escape – Desert

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Vacation Escape – Desert is the newest point and click escape game from Selfdefiant for more fun escape adventures here in the dry desert. Enjoy!

Lambert was on his vacation in the desert and it’s going to be a different one for his usual adventures were just urban as well as jungle, there was nothing like this that he had ever done before and so, he is off to the vast dry wilderness. Lambert was on the trail in the desert and there he realized that it was actually hard for the trail keeps disappearing but even then, he manages to find it from time to time. But after a few hours however, Lambert finally realized that he had gone lost for if he isn’t then he should be in the camp right-now! Instead he keeps pushing deeper into the desert or somewhere.

Lambert must find his way back and it’s not going to be easy, for the only hint here that can help him is the sun and it’s also pretty vital for if that sets soon, then it’s going to get really cold and dark here. Will Lambert be able to escape the desert while there is still light? Escape players, join the desert escape adventure with Lambert and see if you can all find your way back so this vacation can be kept positive. Good luck everyone and have fun!

Walkthrough video for Vacation Escape – Desert


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