Underground House Rescue Game

Underground House Rescue
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Underground House Rescue is a thrilling and exciting point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games.

You and your friend are retro tech enthusiasts. Nothing gets you two excited more than making an old piece of technology work as if it is brand new. So one day you both decide to look for some more spare parts near the garbage dump. On your way to the dump, you spot an underground house. In unison, you both yell: "There are definitely treasures inside!"

Your friend agrees and rushes in to the old underground house. Little did he know that clever puzzles are rigged to every nook and cranny of the underground house. You try your best to warn your friend but he goes off running inside.

Unsurprisingly, your friend falls into a trap the second he rushed in. Because of this, you take great caution as you yourself might fall into a trap as well. You explore the surroundings, carefully studying the mechanisms of the puzzles. Then you realize this is not the work of an amateur. It is the work of a fellow tech enthusiast. Your resolve to free your friend and escape together grows stronger.

Now it is time to point and click your way through elaborate puzzles set up by a mastermind and free your friend and then escape together. Good luck!

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