Olive Tree Forest Escape

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Olive Tree Forest Escape is a fun and relaxing outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.

You are a man of nature. Proud of your green thumb, you make it a duty to visit every forest you can. Forests are your passion and thus your hobby is admiring the beauty and abundance of mother nature.

You went out on one of your typical leisure trips to the local park. As usual, you enjoy the scenery and listen to the songs of the birds. Then you decided to take a rest and your eyelids grow heavy. You cannot help yourself but take a nap. After a while, you wake up unsure of how long you were sleeping. You look around and see that things are not any different. Feeling refreshed from your nap, you decide it is time to go home.

By some unknown reason, you cannot find the exit and have been walking in circles for hours. Your legs are tired and decide that there is something wrong. Eventually you spot some unusual objects. It seems these objects are puzzles that require solving and are they key to escaping the Olive Tree Forest.

Point and click your way to success by interacting with the objects in order to solve puzzles. Use your wits to escape the Olive Tree Forest. Good luck!