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Underground Escape

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Taylor works at the mine and he knows that he was at the mine that day, he was at the surface taking a short nap for they will be going deeper again to mine some more. Taylor had this strange dream of him being on the mines and he was working there like normal, it was strange to him for his memory of sleeping and working are conflicting, but then a sudden jolt from his dream woke him up! It was one strange dream, but when he opened his eyes however he was confronted with an even more confusing thing and that is waking-up in the mines!

Taylor gathered himself and he remembered that he had slept at the surface and it seems to be that he had no memory of going down. It was really confusing to him and it looks like he is in a bad position too, that's because he is alone and in a part of the mine that hadn't been supported yet! Taylor shrugged his confusion and focused on getting out of there, that's because he is in an unstable part of the place and he needs to get out of there carefully. Escape players, Taylor is expecting to find answers when he gets to the surface, will you help him so he can be safe and out of the dangers of the mine? Place yourself on his shoes then and carefully navigate out of the place.

Underground Escape is the newest point and click underground escape game from Selfdefiant.

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