Ultra Modern Mansion Escape Game

Ultra Modern Mansion Escape

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You're finally able to travel like a millionaire! While planning your trip to Europe, you search the web for the most comfortable area to stay in. Your search shows so many locations and you choose the one that's well within your overflowing budget. The pictures of the place look very promising and you can't wait to see it for yourself. While you're about to sleep, a thought crosses your mind. You begin think about the what-ifs. What if the place isn't as good as the picture? What if the place only looks good but doesn't have the best facilities? Soon all your worries made your mind tired and you fall asleep. After your early flight, you're now in front of your chosen area. You can't believe how amazing it is. It's everything you dream of. However, the size of the place makes you lose your sense of direction.

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