Tropical House Escape Game

Tropical House Escape

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The summer season's about to end. You don't want it to end yet but you can't help it. Just like the rest of the season, it'll come to its end only to return when the right time comes. So to make use of the remaining days of summer, you look for a place to stay for a short vacation. You want the place to fully exude that summer feel. You know you won't find one easily so you plan to stay up all night until you find the right one. There are a lot of tropical houses to choose from but they seem to lack features. You want one that has it all. You're very willing to pay but it has to meet your expectations as well. Then one search result comes up. It's a tropical house with a bit of a thrill.

The remaining days of summer is quite boring for you so a little thrill won't hurt. You instantly look into the features of the house and they all seem agreeable. So instantly you book the place and plan to have one summer blast. But what you didn't prepare for was the escape you need to do. Play Tropical House Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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