Tropical Flower Street Escape Game

Tropical Flower Street Escape

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The entire land is very lush and filled with blooming flowers, that's because the area is in a remote countryside and way of life there is seemingly simple, even still modernity is catching-up to it every year and eventually they will have phone lines there and probably internet. If that day comes then Edward will still tend to his garden and his neighbor's too for that he knows he will be healthier and technology just confuses him at times. But one day however, he never thought the place would confuse him for when he went to an area where his friend lives, he got ridiculously lost there!

Edward seems to have forgotten the way and that only led him into more houses in the area which made the situation worst. Edward is still trying to keep his cool so he can find his way back calmly, and besides the place is beautiful so, it is a shame to just ignore it. Escape players, will you help Edward navigate here so he can get back home? He'll visit his friend some other time for the sun will set soon.

Tropical Flower Street Escape is the newest point and click area escape game from WoW Escape.

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