Traditional Chinese House Escape Game

Traditional Chinese House Escape

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Join this beautiful indoor escape here with us. Traditional Chinese House Escape is a brand new point and click rich indoor escape game released by WoW Escape. Have Fun!

Jhong's dragon group of companies have long since been a success and he have garnered so much from everything that he had built. Even the house where he lives is quite a beauty, he is quite proud of what he had found but then it's not exactly built in kindness and all honesty. Jhong had gone through a lot of people which was the key why he had become so successful. That's not exactly good and one day, something happened which can be considered as one of the trials which he will be facing from now on.

Jhong was alone in his newly built traditional Chinese house admiring everything, it was good at first and he was just filling himself with pride, but then it all back-fired for he is now trapped in the place and he just couldn't get himself out! This is now beginning of the prices he will pay for he wasn't exactly a good person just like majority of rich people nowadays, something will come for them but for now, Jhong will have to find his way out of his house here before things gets worst. Escape players, care to join the escape here with Jhong and see if your skills and logic be enough for the escape? Good luck then and enjoy!

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