Toon House Escape Game

Toon House Escape

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Come and join in on this fun indoor escape here with us. Toon House Escape is the newest point and click cartoon house escape game from 365 Escape. Have fun everyone!

The toon house is absolutely livable but nobody lives there or is allowed to though, for the place is just another challenging house with rooms built to trap a challenger in! This one however has a cartoon-y motif but it's just as hard as your difficult house escape challenge. One day, Richie decided to try the cartoon house for he heard it was a tough one and only a few people would manage to finish it successfully, the others would just give-up right on the middle of it. Well that day, Richie was feeling a bit skillful and lucky so, he is off to try the place out!

Richie is now on the challenge and he was surprised that the house was better-looking than his place, but he has to trash the place a bit though so he can find clues, object, and vital items which can help him escape as quickly as possible. Escape players, here is another escape challenge waiting for you! Are you better than Richie on this escape from a cartoon house? Place yourself on his shoes then and good luck everyone!

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