Time Travel Survival Day 2 Game

Time Travel Survival Day 2

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The second day of the amazing Time Travel Survival adventure has arrived from Melting-Mindz and developed by Selfdefiant. This is the sequel to the Time Travel Survival. Imagine in this game you are a crazy scientist who had been working on a time machine for years. One day finally you managed to finish it but you couldn't find any volunteers who was willing to try it out so you took on the task yourself. The machine had a little malfunction and it teleported you back to the past instead of the future and you couldn't use the remote control to get back to your world. You started to explore this strange land in order to fins something with which maybe you could repair the device and use it again. Continue your travel, search for hidden objects and solve puzzles to find your perfect place to be stay until the end of this mysery. Good luck and have fun!



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