Time Travel Escape – Back To The Future

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Bailey have just discovered time travel! His machine which he had been working for a decade now finally worked! Now this thing have brought him to the past and unfortunately it was accidental.

Bailey activated the device and didn’t expect it would work, well it did and now he is not anymore in his house but in this strange stony room which absolutely looked like he was in some caveman’s place! Bailey is half concerned and half not there, he is happy that his machine worked though and possibly sent him to the past, but he worries that whoever is living in here could be aggressive. Luckily the machine was flown with him wherever he is, but at the moment the thing was missing a few parts and that’s why it wouldn’t move. Escape players, luckily these missing items are not too difficult to recreate, he can do some makeshift things there to fill the missing things in the machine. Want to help Bailey with this so that he can finally return back home to the future?

Time Travel Escape-Back To The Future is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval escape game released by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Time Travel Escape – Back To The Future

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