The Temple Of Mayan

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You are one of the focal persons when it comes to Mayan temples. Ever since you accidentally landed on a page in the library, you fell in love with temples. As you were growing older, you focused on one specific temple. Then when you finally had the opportunity, to visit one, you didn’t hesitate. Now you’re inside a Mayan temple that’s full of puzzles. You recognize the puzzles as the one of the most intricate. This must mean that the thing hidden inside is something very precious. You try to solve one of the puzzles. However, with every wrong move, it means additional complexity to the puzzle. You’re making a lot of mistakes as you’re not familiar with them. All the wrong moves you make shift the things inside the temple until you can’t find your way out. You try to retrace your steps.

Then again, even the floor seems to have shifted. So you try moving through the walls. But just like the floor, it moved. Now you have to rely on what’s in front of you to make some decisions on where to pass. The path may not be easy but there are shiny things around to motivate you. Play The Temple Of Mayan outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.