Escape Old Warehouse Crown

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Who would have thought that a crown can be found inside an old warehouse? For years, you were actually hoping for it. You were hoping that in one of the warehouses, you’ll be able to find something valuable and worth a lot. Then one day, your wish came true. You came across this abandoned warehouse. It had a lot of things inside and you can’t wait to search through it. However, you can’t easily get inside. So everyday, you went there to plan out your entrance. Yet one day, you heard some people talking about the very same warehouse you found. They mention the word crown and your ears are on full focus. Then they stop talking when people pass them by. You heard enough so you run back to the warehouse. You have to get inside before the guys decide to come back.

However, the guys have prepared so much for the possible intruder. Before even reaching the entrance, you have to face challenges on the gate. You don’t have time to shy away from them since the strangers might come back any time. So play Escape Old Warehouse Crown outdoor escape game by Yolk Games and quickly get pass through to the crown.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Old Warehouse Crown

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