The Powerful Wings - The Michael Game

The Powerful Wings - The Michael

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It sounded weird that you'd enter a house knowing it could be the end for you. Your missions were all dangerous. And you should be used to it by now. However, you still couldn't wrap your head around the fact that you were bringing yourself closer to death every time you accept a mission. But when you worked on it, all the hesitations disappeared. And all that you were feeling were just the thrills of being able to fulfill these tough missions. This most recent mission expected you to enter an Orc house. You may have forgotten what they were. But you remembered a friend of yours talked about them. They were souls who experienced very ugly death. And they hunt some places to let the person experience the kind of suffering they had. This wasn't the story you'd want to hear.

Then again, once you heard something, it would be hard for you to forget. So you just tried to drown out the story you heard with some songs. But even the lyrics in your songs were ones. You stopped walking and steadied yourself. You might be facing something bigger and scary, but you should remain still. Play The Powerful Wings - The Michael room escape game by Enagames.

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