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The Magical Book

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Reading is what you love to do. Even though you are just at home, you feel like you are out of this world. Your books help you to explore by using your imagination. So as much as possible, you choose to read fiction and adventure books. You are finish with all the books from your bookshelf. So, you decided to go to the old library to borrow some more. In there, you saw new and old books. You find old ones more interesting so you grabbed the old book even though it's quite dusty. The title also captivated you that's why you chose it. You want to know if it's a good book or not so you opened it to read the synopsis. But looks like The Magical Book lives by its name. The book is indeed magical. In fact, the book pulled you inside.

Now, you are in the book. You don't know what happened but all you can see are puzzles. You must solve those puzzles in order to get out from The Magical Book. Play this brand new room escape game from Enagames and do your best to escape from the The Magical Book. Good luck and have fun!

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