The Four Lands Game

The Four Lands

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Ever since you were little, you had a fictional world of your own, the Four Lands. Just recently, you discovered that you had a personality type that is the rarest of all. This made you understood how you were able to survive your childhood. You once just sat at the corner and dared not move. When someone tells you to stay, you would regardless of the situation. And then, you would start going to your fictional world. There you would roam around and discover more things about your world. You'd only come out of it when you have something else to do. Your family members had no problem with it as it made you behave. Once in a while, even at an adult age, you still revisit Four Lands. You usually visit when you wanted to be away from the stresses with adult life.

One night, you decided to go back to your imaginary world before going to sleep. After a few minutes, you heard a popping noise. You looked out and called your family members to ask. However, no one answered you and you thought they were all asleep. But as you check for the last time Four Lands, you saw them trapped inside. Play The Four Lands outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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