Spy Another Day Escape Game

Spy Another Day Escape

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Sneaky's back! He actually didn't stop. But you sure had a lot of free time while he might be doing some top secret work. You've been with him in many missions and you have no plans of stopping. You find it fun to go places and investigate them. Then to closely look at everything just so you could find a clue as to what really happened. And you find it boring if you just had to stay at home and do regular stuffs. You try to look for him but since he's a spy, he's good with hiding his identity. You may have even met him on the streets but wasn't able to recognize him. Or he might be looking for you as well. You're trying out the tricks he taught you about disguises. And sometimes you can't even recognize your own face.

Then just a few moments ago, you receive a text from him. He's asking you to join him to recover an item stolen by Sharkmen. They're your greatest and strongest nemesis. But you're not going to back down on them. Instead, your desire to put a stop to their work is greater. And you're really happy that Sneaky is calling you again. Play Spy Another Day Escape room escape game by Melting Mindz.

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