Sweet Escape – Find Watermelon Toy

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Your daughter Shelly will be home soon and you have a present for her. It’s this watermelon toy she really wanted and you know when she sees this she is definitely going to be happy. But only if you can get it out of the room first, for at the moment it is locked inside it.

At first this was not really an issue, but it became so as the time Shelly comes home draws closer and you still couldn’t open the room. Escape players, you really could not find the key anywhere! Where could this thing be? Surely somewhere in the house. But where exactly? Will you be able to find the key before Shelly comes home?

Sweet Escape – Find Watermelon Toy is the newest point-and-click indoor item retrieval game from 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Sweet Escape – Find Watermelon Toy

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