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Supreme Baton

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A baton symbolizes power. In your kingdom, the king is the one who holds the supreme baton and he shall never lose it. The baton also symbolizes the city and its greatness plus it serves as the key to the palace. King Ajaz invited you to a golf tournament and it was held inside your palace. You can't hold your baton while you are playing golf so you hid it in a secured secret place. The game was so fun and you got carried away by it. After the game, you went to the room to get your supreme baton but it is not there. The truth is, you are not even sure if you really left it there. The supreme baton is lost. Nobody can get out of the palace. Your colleagues panic and everyone is so worried.

You have to find the supreme baton before a chaos starts. Try to look at the hidden places in the palace. There are clues that you can find along the way and it can help you to find the baton. Supreme Baton room escape game is created by Ajaz Games. Good luck and have fun!

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