Medieval Palace Escape Game

Medieval Palace Escape

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History. You're crazy about it. You even believe that as the present is happening today, the history just keeps on repeating itself in another world and time. And you badly wish to be there and see it all for yourself. You even go to the library during your free time just to brush up on history. And it's not just any history, you want to cover all the history of the world. So you went to Cambodia where temples and ancient history abounds. You walked through the temples and asked a personal guide so you can unlimited questions. You tried to understand every little detail of the place and the story behind it. After fully exploring the historical places of Cambodia, you then moved on to medieval palaces. You also want to learn what made them build palaces. And what are they for.

And just like that, you booked a trip to visit one of the medieval palaces you can find. You likewise had a personal guide to tell you every bit of information that you want. The guide wasn't really happy about your enthusiasm as you ask too many questions at once. So slowly your guide lets you explore the palace by yourself. And that's when you wonder about the exit. Play Medieval Palace Escape room escape game by First Escape Games.

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