Stylish Duck Escape

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There was this duck in the town which was still young but looked cute and absolutely fabulous. This duck liked to keep in style, well the baroness owns her and whenever people sees it they just step aside for if anything happens to it then they are all going to get investigated by her again which was definitely inconvenient. That day though as a townsfolk there, Charles saw something in his room and it was colored yellow, the door was locked but he can see this thing through the small crack on the door. When he saw the creature as he peeked he immediately was stunned, for this fashionable duck is in his home right-now!

How did it even get in there? Plus the door is locked and that makes it extra weird. But he needs to get it out of there now for when the baroness searches for it and finds it there, he might get accused of something and that’s a thing he doesn’t want to happen to him. Escape players, Charles needs to get his door open here now so he can free the duck, will you help him here so this can be dealt with quickly? Make haste then and be very delicate here.

Stylish Duck Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Stylish Duck Escape

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