Stuck In A House Escape Game

Stuck In A House Escape

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Vivian is in the house she is going to purchase and the luxuries it is offering is pretty good, she'll really buy this place now but something happened there one day however and Vivian could not solve it somehow. Vivian is trapped in her home for the doors would not open no matter how she tried! Her house was starting to act differently, it's not suppose to act at all for it's an inanimate object, or it could be that somebody is pulling the strings here for a prank or maybe something else that is really not good.

Escape players, will you help Vivian here escape from her home that's decent and hopefully without damaging too much of the items there? Go ahead then and test your skills and logic here for those will be vital so that you can solve the problems in the place quickly and eventually escape. Be ready for anything, for this happening is still unknown and who knows what could be causing this.

Check this escape adventure here everyone from an awesome house that seems to be acting up. Stuck In A House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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