Stone Cave Forest Escape

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The land where the stone forest is have always been weird, that’s why the people there decades ago have set a perimeter surrounding the place so that nobody would go in there and face the place’s killing instinct. The story of the stone forest is that it gets people lost and those who have fallen victim to whatever it is trying to give, have never been seen for again. That day though, Aida was curious of the place’s mysterious qualities, that’s why she went in there and that is very much suicide!

Aida entered through the cave which was the only entrance to get to the place for the perimeter surrounding it is pretty much still alive and active. Aida managed to get in but when she set foot into the infamous place, she got a really strong feeling to turn back! She couldn’t understand it but guess her conscience is really telling her this time to back-off. Well little did she know the trouble for her had already started for when she did turned to get back, she saw the entrance of the cave was now closed! Aida have no idea what happened and why it closed without her even hearing anything, she didn’t even know the cave had a thing to make it sealed. Okay then, now she has seen what this place is capable of and she didn’t even get far from the exit. But she needs to do something here now or she will be spending the night there in the cold and strange wilderness. Escape players, imagine you are Aida here now and she is starting to get scared, how will you be able to escape the place then?

Stone Cave Forest Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Stone Cave Forest Escape

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