Spring Villa Rescue Game

Spring Villa Rescue

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The villa overlooking the ocean is a vacation house and it's not just a simple place which the owner who was Wesley comes and goes into every spring, but it's like he brings the luxury of his home for the place is just as luxurious as his original one! That's the fruits of his honest labor and even though it took a while to build, at least he has no burden that he had stepped someone just to get where he was. But even how honest a person is, sometimes problems just tends to seep in and as for Wesley, a problem did just surfaced and because he went there alone, he must solve it all by himself.

At first Wesley heard his security system did a few false-alarms and just shut off by itself, it's very weird, it did that a couple of times until he finally decided to check it, but when he tried his door to enter into that room, he realized it couldn't be opened! And that's not all, for all of his doors now are locked shut! Wesley has no idea what in the world is going-on and why the alarms were strangely triggered, those could not be a glitch earlier and there might be somebody here pulling something on him. Escape players, Wesley is currently locked in his home thanks to the security system that had triggered, but he needs to escape now before something worst happens here. Will you be able to help him escape from there and quickly.

Spring Villa Rescue is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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