Snow Hut Escape Game

Snow Hut Escape

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Ski is your favorite sports but you can only play this during winter. So now that the snow is thick, you didn't waste any time to go to the mountain. Skiing would be great without a massive crowd so you chose to go to the mountain where no one is around. In this way, you can prevent accident and you can showcase your ski skills. Everything is alright until you bumped into a small rock which caused you to roll down the mountain. It really hurts but no one is on the snow mountain to help you. Thankfully, there is a snow hut nearby. You can ask help from the people in that hut but when you knocked at the door, no one answered. The door is open so you took the advantage to go inside it. However, another problem occurred when you stepped inside the hut.

A strong cold wind blew and because of that, the door shut. The thing is, the owner is not home. Trespassing could be charged to you if the owner sees you there. Therefore, you have to find a way to escape from the snow hut as fast as you can. Snow Hut Escape is the newest room escape game from Games Zone 15. Good luck!

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