Easy Escape Snowland Game

Easy Escape Snowland

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You really love winter so much so you are sad that's it's already summer. However, you believe that it is winter somewhere so you search for a place where it always winter. Then, you found this Snowland somewhere on the north. You are so happy to find this place so you got your jacket ready and you went to the place quickly. This snowland is your dreamland. Snow falls non-stop and you also played non-stop. However, the fun has to stop for a while. You have to go back to the hotel to grab your dinner. The problem is, when you picked your pocket, your key is not in there. Without that key, you can't enter your hotel room. It must have dropped when you made a snow angel. You have to find that key as soon as possible.

However, the snow is quite thick so you will need clues that can help you to complete this puzzle. There are also items that you can collect and those items can help you to find the key. There's no time to waste so start right now and play Easy Escape Snowland! This brand new outdoor escape game is made by Hidden O Games. Enjoy!

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