Sky Land Mystery 2 Game

Sky Land Mystery 2

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You're still way up there in Sky Land when you heard a loud thundering noise below. You have a schedule for watching over a specific location on ground. However, you find yourself trying to finish the report of the previous day. Then you hear the noise. You immediately want to go down and check on things. But your superior wants you to finish one thing at a time. He sends someone in your behalf to monitor your location. Yet you just can't stop worrying. So you plan to finish your duty quickly to get down as soon as possible. Then you remember the office where they have monitors for the places below. Getting there will be such a challenge though. It's a heavily guarded place and people who doesn't work in that building will just have to stay out. But you're not giving up easily.

You work on your duties quickly in Sky Land and immediately set off to reach the ground or the building. You didn't know that someone is watching you. He throws you puzzles every time he sees you succeeding in getting closer to your target. You can't care less though as your goal is just to find out what's happening. Play Sky Land Mystery 2 room escape game by NSR Games.

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