Escape Roaring Lion Game

Escape Roaring Lion
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It was the weekend but your superiors made sure you had extra work to finish. You were always looking forward to the weekends. But it seemed like it meant more work than just pure rest and relaxation. However, you couldn't do without though. So you just accepted the extra work but still found time for recreation. You couldn't force yourself to work that morning. You looked for other things to do inside your home but your senses wanted to see nature instead. The sun shining outside was so inviting. And the birds flying by your window seemed to invite you to join them. You stood up and left your work to experience nature outside. You walked along the path towards the woods. Behind the thick trees were houses that owners rarely visited. There were some animals roaming around and it made you feel relaxed and calm.

You went to each of the houses to check if your neighbors were home. But the houses were empty and only the animals made noises. You were about to leave when you heard a soft growl inside one of the houses. You looked through the window and saw a tiny lion inside. Play Escape Roaring Lion outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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  1. Date: August 7, 2018
    Author: Canan
    Game is broken

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