Scary Clown Escape Game

Scary Clown Escape

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You try to stay away from scary movies. When you were younger, your father would borrow some movies to watch over the weekend. Sometimes, you got to choose what to watch. But there were also times when your father just made the decisions for you since you couldn't go with him to the video rental. So sometimes you would watch fantasy and action movies. Yet scary movies also got into the list. Since you had nothing else to do, you would sit and watch it as well. Then you would freeze on your seat and not to any part of the house alone. The scary characters would likewise visit your dreams at times. It wasn't fun and you would spend a lot of days with this kind of feeling. So you stayed away from it ever since. No scary movies still reach your senses to this day.

However, you can't always predict advertisements. While looking closely at the screen waiting for your favorite drama, a movie preview appears. Then the lights inside the room dim and the walls rotate to show different furniture. You immediately remember the scary clown in one of the creepy movies. Play Scary Clown room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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